I always knew I was different. At five years old, I jumped into entrepreneurship with a stationary stand and by age ten, I'd started my first real business: making and selling scrunchies to other girls on the playground. I never wanted to be like everyone else, so I continued to push to the limits in all areas. 


I woke up at 18 and found myself living out my childhood dream as a Division 1 soccer player, yet suffering from health problems and having just suddenly lost my dad to brain cancer..

Sh*t got real. Real fast.

I scribbled in my tear-drenched journal: "Do what you want to do NOW. Right now. Don't wait." 

In that moment, I committed to a life of love, passion and curiosity.

By the age of 30, I'd traveled to more than 55 countries on 6 continents, been cage diving with Great White sharks, camped in the Serengeti and motorbiked across Europe. 

And my professional experience has been just as colorful and adventurous:  

Over the past ten years, I've grown my portfolio with several ventures, including a six-figure online marketing business that I built in twelve months to help established entrepreneurs launch online courses and products, co-hosted a podcast with 900K downloads, hosted events and online retreats, while also launching my own podcast, Unbecoming. 

While working with successful industry leaders, I realized that the most successful business owners knew far more about life than just the numbers or strategies. This sparked an obsession to understand how to become happier on a holistic level and question society's metrics for success.

Now, I now help passionate entrepreneurs redefine what it is to be fully alive, successful and more importantly, their best selves so they can create a life and business they fall in love with everyday.  

Ultimately, it is my mission to help women gain the confidence and courage to live an extraordinary life that impacts the world.

Favs include:

Coffee or truffle anything, audiobooks, 80s and 90s jock jams, a cocktail or 20, The Profit and regarding wine: pretty much all the things..

"Working with Phoebe this past year has literally changed the trajectory of my business. Phoebe helped me craft the vision of what was possible with my online art business.  She always asked the right questions, pushed me out of my comfort zone and reached out when I needed it most. Her business intuition and number sense is spot on and I couldn’t have created the business I have today without her. Thank you!"                                       - Patty Palmer, Deep Space Sparkle