★★★★★ The Best Business Podcast Out There by Extralargeman

This podcast, by veteran marketing mavens Phoebe Mroczek and James Wedmore is a necessary and vital podcast for any aspiring or established business owner. Having two of the smartest people on one podcast is a bonus and their topics cover a wide range of business struggles that any business owner faces on a daily basis. Their straightforward, honest and non-sensical approach is grounded in interesting and relevant anecdotes that illustrate their points. They cover both how to have the right mindset as well as actionable steps necessary to insure business success. This podcast should not be missed!

★★★★★ Out-of-the-box business advice by AnnMarieSchiavone

I've been listening to James and Phoebe for a few months now and can honestly say that, as far as "mindset" advice goes, this podcast is the absolute best. There isn't another show out there that dives deep like they do, into topics that move beyond marketing and management. If your mind isn't right, your business won't be either. MYB has helped me get my mind right in SO many ways. Thank you James & Phoebe!

★★★★★ Perfect Blend of Inspirational and Practical! by LizClark

My new favorite podcast! James and Phoebe are talking about many of the most important aspects of running a business - that no one else is talking about! They blend of the mindset/inspirational side with actionable/practical steps beautifully and use real-life examples to bring the whole discussion out of the clouds and down to everyday, practical application. Thank you so much for creating and delivering this podcast!

★★★★★ I'm binge listening by BreaFisher

You two are creating such a highly-charged thing with this podcast. Not only are you sharing invaluable information, you have a gift for connecting with your people. At least with me! I feel like you genuinely care about what you're doing and about the people you are reaching and influencing. I'm constantly running for a pen to take notes. Your content is rich and authentically you. I'm listening to all your episodes, in a row, and they just keep right on inspiring me. THANK YOU!