How We Show Up

This weekend has set things on fire.

Literally and figuratively.

The only glimmer of good is that

It’s activated an army of warriors.

Warriors for good, for love, for peace and for equality.

And it's given me a new kind of fuel,

One of clarity, confidence, purpose and strength.


One of my mastermind clients posed a important question today:

“What does ‘showing up’ mean for you?”

As in, how does that look in REAL terms?

It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of IG posts,

Motivational quotes, political rhetoric & fiery FB threads.


So this question has helped me ground my support in real action.

(Just another reason why I’m so grateful for these high-level conversations I get to be a part of)


Showing up for me means that I come to the table,

More specifically: my work, relationships & own personal self discovery

With convictions of peace and compassion,

Of importance and significance,

Of inspiring new leaders to rise,

To be seen and be heard, even if it’s uncomfortable.

...Especially when it’s uncomfortable.


Honoring my past, understanding where I came from.

Sharing compassion towards the journey of others,

Lifting us all up with a commitment to excellence, to truth.

Because when we inspire others to share,

And have the courage to share ourselves,

Together, we will create a new category

Of authenticity, transparency and integrity

That we are all craving and in my opinion,

Is missing from many leaders & gurus in business right now

….in a big way.


So, what does that mean,

To me, it comes in many forms.

It starts small with little shifts in thinking,

In changing actions and creating habits.

It starts with me in my life today,

Setting the tone, maybe even a new standard.


Sure, if a protest comes round SF, I'll join -

But more than that, it’s a daily invitation,

To consider who I’m doing business with,

Maybe even re-evaluate, or ask questions,

Learn about their values, morals & track record,

Allowing me to become a more educated consumer.

Vote with my money, my time and my heart

Rather than what's convenient or popular.


It’s an invitation to take a stand for inclusion,

Celebrate individuality & honor those

On my team, with my clients and friends.

How we hire, fire and work more fairly.

How we create from a place of love & genuine service.

How we speak with gratitude & honesty.

How we take aligned and inspired action, together.

How we support good people in biz & life,

How we choose to approach the day, everyday.


An invitation to create space for better conversations.

What REALLY matters in your life. YOUR life.

When it’s less about the numbers,

Less about collecting friends like baseball cards,

Less about expensive bags, making people feel less than,

Fear-based marketing, scarcity thinking,

And more about integrity and acceptance

More about truth, trust and transparency,

Your life and relationships will transform..


At least that’s what I'm out to prove,

It's my hope, my desire, my wish,

I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if you want to join me,

I don’t have all the answers,

But I’m here to spark a new type of conversation,

To find a new kind of solution.

And if you’re curious, I hope you’ll join me.


Here’s my invitation to you:

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I really hope to see you in there.


And regardless, remember you have a choice.

To rise or roll over.

A fire starts with one spark.

Each moment creates momentum,

And the world needs more YOU, more ME, more US.


I’d love it if you commented below and share what “Showing Up” means to you.

What you’re committed to or what resonated for you.



📸: @igorovsyannykov