Good Things Come to Those Who Don't Wait

We’re told from an early age that patience is a virtue.

That good things come to those who wait.

Well, while you’re warming up,

Waiting on the sidelines for your chance,

Your big break..

I’ve been suited up, on the field,

Honing my skills.


While you’ve been etching the perfect blueprint,

I’ve been here… constructing, course correcting.

Building a home big enough for my dreams..

Of the finest material,




While you were waiting to be asked to dance,

I’ve been mastering the steps.

I’ve fallen,

I’ve gotten tangled in the rhythm,

But I’ve been dancing.


While you were prepping backstage,

Waiting to be called to speak your line,

I’ve been stepping into the spotlight.

I’ve earned my place on stage not by waiting for the perfect moment,

But by creating it.

By living it, by feeling it, by owning it.

F* the script.


What if today you decided to buckle your seatbelt?

To roll the windows down.

To hit the gas.

Without a plan.

Without a map.

Equipped with just belief.

A belief that you’d arrive when and where you’re meant to.


What if all the scenery was created just for you?

And what if you let the present moment be your compass?


The whole world will open.

Each pothole is a story to laugh over.

Every bend gives you a new perspective.

Each glance in the rearview:

Simply a reminder of how beautiful the journey’s been.


So let me ask you this –

What are you waiting for?


If it’s me, you’ve got my permission.

If it’s you,

Give yourself the permission…

To play,

To ride,

To just be.

Because you’ll never know how good it could have been –

And you’ll never see it from the driveway.