Fall Forward into 2017

When you reflect on your achievements, successes and failures over the last 12 months, what emotions come up?

Is it a feeling of excitement and joy?

Is it sadness, disappointment or frustration?

All of the above?

What if I asked you to release all the guilt, frustration, heartache…

And instead, appreciate all the progress you’ve made and momentum you’ve started. 

Could you do it, or are you too focused on all the things you DIDN’T get done last year?

Because standing in this place looking out 12 months from now, you won’t ever be where you are right now. 

There’s something magical in that. Take a moment and think about it. 

So then let me ask you - where do you want to be 6.. 9.. 12 months from now?

It’s December 30, 2017…

And you can be, do and have anything and everything you want. So what’s it gonna be?

A thriving business? New house? Passive income? Trips overseas?

Now, more importantly…

WHO do you want to be?

Are you a woman of integrity that is proud to speak her mind, serve others selflessly and make a difference in this world? 

Are you an action taker who goes after what she wants, because all that is - is an extension of who you are.. 

...and more of you in the world is always a good thing! 

Something I always say is: “I want to be loved, and someday remembered, not for what I do or what I have but for WHO I am.”

WHO do you want to be loved and remembered always for? 

What are you doing TODAY to step into who you’re meant to be?

Are you tired of your own bull$&^% yet? 

I know, I’ve been there. 

So, let’s cut the crap and create a business and life that matters. 

We can side step the disappointment and jump feet first into flow, awe, joy and happiness. 

But it starts with a decision. 

A decision to step up, regardless of what may look like it’s standing in your way.

A decision to serve the people out there searching for the solution that only you can provide.

A decision to lead by example, to show yourself and no one else what true success looks like to you. 

Because maybe, just maybe your excuses have become your reality, doubt has become your belief system, fear is now your resting place… 

…and the life you once lusted after seems a bit out of reach now.

That vision board is fuzzy.  

I believe you find out who you really are when your back’s against the wall… so let me ask you this: Who are YOU?