Your First Day


We've all heard the quotes and read the books about living everyday like it's your last because you never know when it will be.

Well, what if we treated everyday instead like it's our FIRST? 

Because let's be honest, if today's my final day on Earth, I seriously doubt I'd choose to spend it inside on my computer, putting away laundry, instagramming my green juice or binging on the latest episode of Scandal.

Gilmore girls, different story. 

However, if today is the FIRST day of the rest of my life, the options and opportunities are unlimited. 

We have the ability to show up as our true selves, ready to kick mediocrity where it hurts. 

Ready to live the life we've been dreaming of. 

What's been missing for women like us is NOT mastering the latest Snapchat strategy or total FB group promiscuity... It's NOT the vision, the ability or the intellect..

It is the 100% certainty that we're reaching our full potential;

The confidence that no matter what - we're showing up everyday to serve, to be better than yesterday and to set an example.

It's the belief and trust that our path is the best one; 

That the trail we're blazing will hugely impact the lives of others.

It's discovering our individual catalysts for change and true transformation,

So we can recommit to that life of love and fulfillment, of fun and adventure and of impact and influence.

Lastly, what's been missing for ALL of us.. 

Is that sense of real, meaningful connection with women just like us who dare to be different, who have our back and who push us to brink but refuse to let us fall... alone.


I've spent the last few years searching for a community that values the same work / life balance that I do, prioritizes collaboration over competition and sees more to me than just my latest launch figures. 

"Do more of what makes you money" he said to me.

That's not you. That's not us. 

We'd rather do more of what makes us happy (and money as a byproduct). 

We're tired of being strong for everyone else.. 

We don't want to play the waiting game OR entertain the idea of "either.. or" because life is about living out loud.

Ultimately, I wanted to find a group of women that I could trust with not just my business... but with my life. 

ALL areas of my life.

Women who fed me strategies, sales page scripts and pumpkin chai's by day...

And truffle fries, inappropriate jokes and (a few too many) tequilas by night.

...with maybe an ugly cry thrown in for good measure.

A place where REAL women could have REAL conversations;

Where they could let their hair down... and sneak in a cheeky running man if no one's watching.


There are marketing workshops, yoga retreats and networking events... but they're always just more of the SAME. 

SAME "famous" people teaching the SAME topics, telling the SAME surface-level stories to the SAME serial buyers, sharing the SAME "groundbreaking" cookie-cutter 5-step system, eating the SAME cold buffet-style lunches.

Where do we go to be different?

Where do we go to STAND OUT?

Where do we go to NOT get lost in a sea of same?

They're telling us to be unique, to blaze our own trails... as long as that trail fits into this industry standard box. 

And with every event, program, course and retreat I've invested in, it's become glaringly more obvious... what I want and need simply doesn't exist.

There's no event that helps female leaders be seen, connect, inspire and grow... together.

Not a single retreat that encourages women to question reality & the silly rules / standards we've been held to our whole lives. 

No coaching program that redefines what it is to be fully alive, fully feminine & fully supported.

No course that tackles the taboos, and promotes world-changing impact through generosity, humility and love...

So... where do you find your inspiration for greatness?